Curatorial Statement

Having a hyphenated identity is more than just being in between worlds or fixed
identities, but includes the active process of forging a new cultural space, a cultural
remix. It is often the work of the first generation after a significant migration to begin
establishing the cultural products and institutions to capture that remix. This program of
short films is part of that work; an attempt to amplify the voices of diasporic Iranian

Each film in this small collection captures a stage of that hyphenation process amongst
people of Iranian descent in the decades following the Islamic Revolution. Naghmeh
Farzaneh’s Scent of Germanium striking animation captures the experience of a recent
Iranian immigrant to the U.S. Sahand Nikoukar’s The Magic Shoes, Lila Yomtoob’s
America 1979 and Sara Zia Ebrahimi and Lindsey Martin’s The FBI Blew Up My Ice
Skates, all capture young Iranians in the U.S. and Australia struggling to belong.
Shideh Faramand’s Reluctant Bride, Shahaub Roudbari’s Brain of Terror and
Iranian-Dutch pop band Abjeez’s music video for Eddeaa negotiate identity expectation
within the Iranian diasporic communities.

This collection is not meant to be comprehensive or representative; we understand that
people exist with multiple hyphens–intersectionality of religion, sexual orientation,
gender, class and so much more. This collection is only meant as a snapshot to start a
conversation of what hyphenation means for generations of people displaced since the
establishment of the Islamic Republic.